Near-death experiences

This morning I was quite sure I would die. Just normal monthly pain, I thought at first, until it got worse. I think I was lying on the floor in the bathroom for 20 minutes before I felt safe enough to move back to bed. Fortunately I could sleep by then so I felt better after an hour. I forgot how deadly painful it is, just get that bad once ever 6 months or so. Urgh!

Finished sorting and tagging music, wrote some on the essay (not much since I spent the morning dying), played some Guild Wars with Wyn and her awesome guild. They make me laugh alot :P Also, their TS server is so great compared to any other TS I’ve tried. Generally, Vent is always better but this TS is nice. Which is great because I hate setting up Vent, TS is alot easier :P

I hope to be able to write some more on the essay tomorrow, but knowing me I wont do much. I should at least find the info about the writer I was supposed to. (And remember which one I was supposed to check.) Monday will be a hell day, but hopefully the rest of the week will be really nice.


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