Spring time

I think spring is finally coming to Luleå. The weather has been great now for several days, with sunshine and 5-10 C and just a little wind. It really helps to make you feel better :)

Had a power outage yesterday night. One second I was writing, the next everything was black. :/ At least I got an early night, slept decently long and then went swimming this morning. It was really nice, but it’s obvious I haven’t been for a while. The last 50-75 m really killed my legs. And then I was to wander around for an hour waiting for a friend, and we went to the school where we are doing teaching practice in the next three weeks. Meeting our teacher there and standing around talking for 2 hours. My legs! My poor feet!

Spring really puts me on a spending spree, money just flies out of my pockets. Must be compensating for not buying almost anything this autumn :P I bought a new pair of shoes, they are really comfortable but I’m not sure if they fit with what I want to wear, so I’m going to try them out. I have 14 days to decide. Also found a really cute dress as Vero Moda, but I was short on time and wasn’t sure I’d use it so I never bought it. As I will pass by all the shops on my way to the school these three weeks, I have a feeling it will be mine anyway. Bye bye money!


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