We have been thinking of visiting Holland for quite a while, me and sis mainly. But then things came up at home and we weren’t sure what would happen. Since it seems to have solved now, we checked if we should do a trip in Sweden instead, thinking it would be a bit easier and less expensive. Turns out it would probably be cheaper to go to Holland. Go us :P

So, this summer we will probably go to Holland, and maybe Belgium for Graspop (if we get tickets and money). Visiting some old guild friends and listening to music, sounds like an awesome trip to me :D We might take a short short trip to Germany to meet some other friends. So, if anyone feels like meeting up in Holland/Belgium/Germany, just give me a shout ;) We will be going in June-July, Graspop is around the last week in June. I’m so excited!


6 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. Hey, btw sis, I’m not sure about graspop, as dan said, it IS close to holland after all, there will probably be drugs and stuff (which of course doesn’t mean that we have to be high, but just fyi). and me and dan aren’t sure that we can afford it. so, we’ll see about that ;)

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