There’s something special about voices. To think we can produce sound that can mean so many different things. Every little detail makes a difference and we all have our own, unique voices and ways to use it.

When you hear a child humming or just talking nonsense to itself, what feelings does that spark inside you? Yesterday the weather was great, so of course there were children out playing, and there were two small girls just outside our kitchen window. I heard them humming, puffing and using small words when they were playing, and it fills me with love. Their world isn’t more complicated than that. Children’s voices really has a sound of perfection to them, their world is simple and perfect. And of course honesty, small children doesn’t hide things, their voices tell what they feel right now.

There’s also the voice of a natural “authority”. A person that you trust and follow instinctively. Their voice has something soothing about it. When hearing a child, I feel content but it still alerts me, children might need attention anytime. But when hearing the voice of an authority, I can relax.

I have also thought about the way I use my own voice in different ways, to “reach my goals”. As you read the people around you, you adjust your voice to make it just perfect for what you want to achieve. If I’m listening to someone who was really interesting, but more like ten minutes ago, I change my voice to appear really interested but stressed, maybe. Or if talking to a child, you either try to sound motherly or like a fun friend, depending on where you’re heading.

What I think is even more fascinating with voices is the feeling it can invoke in my body, physically. As I’m a female stereotype (hrm) I adore deep male voices. I once met a guy, only 17 years old, who had the most awesome deep voice I have ever heard. He could stand five metres away and I could feel him talking in my neck and spine. When he was close, my whole body vibrated with the sound. It was scary and beautiful at the same time. I could just sit there with closed eyes and enjoy the sound and the feeling.

Of course, voice is not everything. It’s closely linked to body language, music, situation and so on. But the idea fascinates me, when voice is the only thing we have to rely on (phone) or when it isn’t present at all (online text chat, text messages) communication still works, but in other ways. How do we compensate for the lack of other ways to put emphasis on what we are saying? I know when I chat with someone, I try to hear their voice and way of saying it, and then try to get down my own way of talking in what I write. But I have no idea how it is read. That’s the tricky part ;)

What does your voice tell me today?


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