Everyone is welcome

From when I was born until I was 18, I lived in the same big house in a small town with my mum, dad and sister. It was like a haven, or a resting place, always very safe and I loved it. One thing I always felt was special about our home, was that I always felt everything and everyone was welcome. A friend or relative could come and go, pick food from the fridge, sleep when he/she wanted and just exist. If wanted. Of course we were social and spent alot of time together when someone was visiting. But with most visitors there wasn’t that need to be different. They were accepted as temporary family members.

This is probably not unique in any way, but it is a feeling that has followed me since then. I want my home to be an open place, a place for friends to come if they need somewhere to be, talk, rest or whatever, anytime, anyday. They can eat my food, use my bed, play with my computer, sit on the balcony and just.. be bored. If they want to. I don’t want people only to come here for parties or special occasions, but for every day life too.

Home was a place where everyone could come and just relax. I loved that, and I want to have it that way. That’s my dream :)


2 thoughts on “Everyone is welcome

  1. I feel the same! :D Like, when Anna and the gang is over, and they all play some Wii or sit in the kitchen or drink some juice whenever they want, and anyone can leave whenever she wants to, they almost never leave all of them at the same time.

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