Dreams and clothes

Ok, first off, new dress!
I love it. It feels like.. summer :)

Secondly, I had the weirdest dream tonight. The subject wasn’t weird, it’s something I think about often, but what happened was. I could sense the other persons’ feelings and anticipation/nervousness, and I can still remember how things felt in my fingers and hands, although it never really happened. But there was no smell. I even remember thinking about that in the dream, I was waiting for a smell I don’t really like but it wasn’t there, just nothing. I guess the most odd thing was that I was the safe, secure one. I was excited. Not nervous. I got a “don’t worry, I will take care of you”-feeling.

Dreams scare me, but at the same time I love them. They are so intense, so clear and simple when you dream and so confused and odd when you think about them later. Since I trust my intuition a lot (even more now, when it has shown to be scaringly right a few times the last days), dreams have a big influence on me. I have a feeling about a lot of things, but I don’t dare to trust it fully, yet. The dreams leave me confused with what they are trying to tell me, what I missed that I needed to know, or what I didn’t sort out that needed to be sorted out through my dreams.

Sometimes I wish I could just trust my intuition, and not care if other people think I’m silly or stupid. :P


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