Feed me!

Just checked my feed reader today (I’m using NewsGator FeedDemon atm) and I have 94 items on watch. Probably around 10-15 are watches on comments, but the rest are blogs. I read a lot, apparently. I’m not sure why, but I love reading blogs. There’s something special about reading people who are really interested in what they’re writing, but still writing it so almost anyone can understand. There’s alot of blogs in there that are just people I find interesting, not only their writing. I’m reading them because I want to get to know them, not because they are awesome writers. I guess some of them are what we call “diary blogs” in Sweden, which is usually meant as something bad, but I like it. That’s why I’m writing a blog like that.

There’s also a bunch of blogs about freedom/liberalism, piracy and “big brother society” in there. I’m not sure where I stand, but I find it enlightening to read them. Social media is also a big part of what I read most atm, but Jaiku is a bigger service there.

And of course I have a few blogs from friends in there. Very few of my friends are bloggers though, which is a pity. I’d love to read something from most of them :)
I might do a blog roll page.. the sidebar isn’t really suitable for such a long list, but there’s definitely a lot of blogs I’d like to share and promote! I need to get more into English blogs also. Hmhm. I have stuff to do for the whole summer, I think. ;)


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