Tired day

I think Zelda has slept 20 out of 24 hours since yesterday, or something like that. Poor cat. I don’t think she loves traveling that much. Hopefully she won’t be that angry when I make her travel again on Monday, she will have enough time to rest after that, at least.

She’s influenced me too, I’m soo tired tonight, but I don’t feel like sleeping. Really excited about tomorrow, but nervous also. So I’m not sure if I want to go to bed and meet the nervousness, it is quite comfortable to stay in this “very excited and just a little nervous” state. Tomorrow will be here sometime anyway, so I might just make the most of my excitedness :P

Was about to take a long walk earlier, to calm down, but I got stuck reading and now I think it’s a bit too late. It’s light outside but it still feels a bit scary to walk around alone late at night. Especially here where you soon end up in “less crowded areas” and woods. Inside, it feels unlikely someone would “attack” me, but outside I’m scared.I’ll probably just end up chatting my night away :)


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