The Real Group

Ohwell. Technically, it is still “tomorrow”. Here you are.

The week before midsummer, there is always a big (probably Sweden’s biggest) Choir Festival in the town close to where my parents live. It is from Thursday to Sunday, with the big events being on Saturday. Workshops and a huge meadow show during the day, and then a final “professional” show with a vocal/a cappella group in the evening. We went to the evening show, it started at about 22. When we arrived to the hall, there was a waiting line to get in. And people were already singing.

We got in and found our seats, and as the hall started to fill with people, there was singing everywhere. A group in the back started and it spread all over the audience. Since it is a big festival, there are a lot of professional and semi-professional choir groups there, so the sound of them singing is really wonderful. They even started competing with a typical Swedish “party song”, “Vi har vårat glada barnasinne kvar”. So, the audience was an opening act for the real show. :D

Then The Real Group arrived on stage, and delivered an awesome show. They mixed Swedish and English, and sang quite a few Povel Ramel songs, since they are releasing an album in his honor later this month. Two women, three men. The one singing bass really was bass. It felt through your shoulders and spine, but you could hardly hear sound differences. You felt them.

They also sang a Mozart piece, Evighetsmaskinen, and a mix of internationally recognised songs made by, or performed by, Swedes. The bass singer broke into the mix, singing “Oops I did it again” all the time. It’s hard to explain why it was so fun, but it really was :)

If you ever get a chance to see The Real Group, do it. They were rated one of the best vocal groups in the world by a big American vocalist organisation (might have been named CAMA), and I agree with them. :P


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