Love is in the air?

Something yesterday made me remember how much certain people mean to me. It simply feels like I’m filled with love :) It needs to be shared, but I don’t know how.

A lot of bad/weird things are happening at the moment, though. It makes me confused and really tired. For all Swedes reading, you can’t have missed the FRA law passing yesterday, meaning no more personal integrity for any traffic passing Swedish borders. Google and Telia (Swedish internet/phone company) already moved out of Sweden, for example. A tip would be to read opassande, Anna Troberg or Rick Falkvinge, if you can read Swedish. These are just a random selection of their multitude of posts about the matter, I chose some that made a difference to me. Or simply check tags such as FRA or FRA-lagen on Tiring, sad, confusing. I don’t know what to think. (A quite nice summary in English on

Apart from that, a network card has stopped working and the new one wont cooperate. It’s rainy, windy and cold. I have a cold. I’m hungry. Etc etc.

But, love is in the air. If I stop caring about the big stuff and just focus on the small things, love is everywhere. Now, I’m going to rest, eat and focus on positive things for a while. Get new energy for new fights. :)


3 thoughts on “Love is in the air?

  1. i don’t know who you are (so many options there…), but i think we have the same opinion. so many problems in life, yes.. life is complicated, but don’t give up. Keep to be positive! Let me invite you to see my blog, maybe my posts suitable to you :)
    #this is a nice blog, great job!#

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