I have a dream

Every summer between mid June and mid August, the Swedish Radio (public service radio) lets more or less famous Swedes talk for 1-2 hours about a topic and play music of their choice. Usually the “talkers” are chosen from very different groups, from musicians and writers to politicians and famous TV people.

This year they started off with one of my favourite famous Swedes, Fredrik Lindström. He’s a linguist and an entertainer, which makes his talks a great match to my interests. As I wanted to listen to him, I got interested in the programme in general, and happened to listen to today’s talker, Fredrik Härén. (I like Fredriks, it seems?)

Since I haven’t had time to listen to Lindström yet, and Härén was awesome, I’ll talk some about him first. The first time I ever heard Härén talking was in an online version of a TV recording of a presentation/speech he did at “Kunskapens dag” (The Knowledge Day) a couple of years ago. As you can imagine, the quality wasn’t overwhelming and it didn’t seem to be a major thing, quite hidden. It turned out to be a great eye opener, while he was talking he showed why Sweden are going to crash from being a developed country. We consider ourselves finished and don’t develop anymore, which is devastating as the developing countries and moving past us in a frightening speed. I didn’t agree with everything he said, but he did make me feel a bit uncomfortable and open my eyes.
His talk today was on the same topic, but more philosophical. He started off with three statements, or sentences.

  • Livet är vackert (Life is beautiful)
  • Gör det du tror på, och tro på det du gör (Do what you believe in, and believe in what you do)
  • Om hoppet är det sista som lämnar människan, vad händer med människor som slutat hoppas? (If hope is the last thing to leave a man, what happens to people with no hope?)

(These are taken from my memory and freely translated into English) Then he explained what he meant with them, and why they were to important to him. The first one didn’t affect me as much and the second and third.

With the second, Härén talked about dreams and goals. How people have stopped having life dreams and life goals of the big kind. We no longer wish to walk on the moon, or bring black and white people together (two examples he used), because we have done it already. He had asked people all over the world if they thought their country would be a better place to live in tomorrow. In the developing countries, most people answered a clear “Yes!”. In Sweden, 70% said no. We don’t think Sweden will be a better place tomorrow. He said “It can’t be better than this”, but I also think people are pessimists. We have quite a good country, and we don’t have a dream, or we don’t trust our leaders to make it better. Everything just gets worse now. His main point was that we don’t dream, though. We don’t set a huge goal and give everything we have for it. We should. Do what you believe in, and believe in what you do. This inspired me to think about my goals and dreams in my life, and also to aim for the bigger ones too. I think I need to make a separate post about that, this one is almost too long already ;)

Last, he talked about hope, and it’s closely related to the second point. If you have a dream, but no hope to reach it, no hope your country will be better tomorrow, you have no energy and no will to change things for the better. Hope is essential to actually give you what you hope for, if that makes sense. Without hope, dreams are nothing.


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