A big sigh

I’m so stupid! There was a big reason for me to go to Luleå, besides wanting to meet up with some friends. I was going to meet a friend and pick up some uni gear. I thought I remembered she said she would move in the end of June, so I happily booked a trip and talked to friends etc. Now I’m in Luleå. Turns out she’s moving in the end of July. Big doh moment. I’m just lucky she’s such a sweetheart and will send me the gear anyway, when she actually is in Luleå.

I arrived in Luleå this morning after 14h on a train. One of my friends is really sad, and it affects me a lot, so I’m kinda down already. And then this. Bah. Stupid day.

I will make this a good stay in Luleå. I will.


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