Every little thing makes a difference

I’ve started building my own WordPress theme. I’ve bought a domain and some hosting, and I will probably move this blog over there later. But first, I want to finish the theme so I have something personal, and neat-looking, to move it to. Templates made by others are great, but they aren’t mine :) Plus, I’m having quite fun while building the template.

The problem is to find a design I like. I know I love black, grey and purple, but I also love blue and green. I’m not great with art and such, so I will never be able to make one of those really flashy and beautiful themes. And I can’t decide what’s better, really beautiful or “homemade”. Since I’m not willing to spend a life time on learning to make it all flashy, I’m guessing it will be simple and homemade. If I don’t get it finished soon, I might cave in and pick a finished theme after all. I’m impatient, and the important part isn’t the personal look, but the text, the ability to write and publish stuff.

I can’t decide! I hate decisions! :P


3 thoughts on “Every little thing makes a difference

  1. what I have often done for clients (i am a web designer) is to find a theme that we like the structure of and then edit the files to give it that personal touch. That may mean changing images and colours in the file but it is much more efficient that building from scratch.

  2. Oh, that is true. I have thought about it, but didn’t feel I had the knowledge to get it to look the way I want it. As I moved through the tutorial, I learned the basics so I might give it a new try now. Thanks for the tip :)

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