On repeat

Seeems all I do is watching movies, huh? Well, tonight we went to the movies to see the new Narnia. It was brilliant! I’m a bit sad they skipped the first and third book (see edit) and only concentrate on the four “main” children, because I absolutely love The Horse and His Boy, but I can understand it from a storytelling point of view. I got quite confused by reading about other countries and stories in between.

The scenery was dreamlike (at least that’s how my dreams look like!) and the story is really well told. I think they have skipped quite alot and also changed some details, some things felt a bit wrong although it was years ago I read that book. You might think it’s a children’s movie, but I don’t think so. Grown-ups can definitely enjoy it, with the subtle jokes and good play. I recommend it :)

Did I mention the weather is just stunning and I’m happy too?

Edit: It seems I’m a bit misinformed. The Narnia series in Swedish I have read were published in a chronological order from a story point-of-view, rather than in the order they were written. Which means “The Wizard’s Nephew” and “The Horse and His Boy” is the first and third book respectively. And I had no idea they weren’t actually published as such originally! So the two films are actually no 1 and 2, but I have read them as no 2 and 4. Sorry for the confusion :)


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