Ett år fyllt av projekt (Year of Projects #0)

(Hi and welcome to all non-Swedish readers! I am Swedish and will blog in both Swedish and English for this blog-a-long. To read this post in English just click here or scroll down a bit!)

Jag har bestämt mig för att vara med i ännu ett bloggprojekt. Det här kallas “A Year Of Projects” och kommer från Ravelry (och bloggar jag läser) och går ut på att man för ett år framåt, 1 juli till 30 juni, bestämmer sig för en lista med handarbetesprojekt som man vill lära sig, göra eller avsluta. Jag har förstås valt mest virkning eftersom det är min favorit, men ett litet stickningsprojekt har också fått smita in på listan!

Här är min lista på saker som jag vill göra under året:

  • Något klädesplagg, kanske en tunika eller bara ännu en sjal
  • En filt (att ge bort?)
  • En till lalylala-docka (ska bara göra klart den första..)
  • En väska av rutor
  • Ge ullgarn en riktig chans
  • Testa disktrasor
  • Lära mig sticka sockor
  • Göra klart min stitch sampler
  • Göra klart Helenas (och Jonis) filt
  • Kanta något med en kant ur Around the corner
  • Köpa ett dyrt och fint garn och hitta ett användningsområde
  • Julklappar (?)

Säkert kommer året vara fyllt av en hel massa andra projekt, men det är kul att planera lite och sätta upp mål åt sig själv :) I det här projektet ska man lägga upp uppdateringar en gång i veckan (helst söndagar), så jag kommer åtminstone blogga då. Men jag ska nog försöka att blogga om lite annat också under tiden.

In English

I finally decided to jump on this train called “A Year of Projects“, it sounds a lot of fun! I’m mainly a crocheter, so my list for this 3rd Year of Projects is mainly crochet, but there are some knitting or just yarn related projects too. I learned to crochet during the Christmas holidays 2012/2013, so I’m fairly new to this crafting thing. I kind of know how to knit and have done it at home or in school when I was a kid, but it never stuck with me. Now that I know and love crochet, I’m also more interested in knitting. Maybe the confidence from one skill spills over to the other :)

My list will be fairly non-specific, because I know I don’t work well with specifics and rigid lists. This is my list of projects:

  • Something wearable. Preferably something I’ve not done before, like a cardigan.
  • A blanket (gift?)
  • Another lalylala-doll (just need to finish the first one)
  • A bag or tote made of blocks (squares, hexagons..)
  • Give wool yarn some love
  • Try out different dishtowels (stitches, yarns)
  • Learn to knit socks
  • Finish my Stitch Sampler
  • Finish the blanket for my sister and her fiancé
  • Add a border from “Around the corner” to something
  • Buy an expensive and luxurious yarn and find a project for it
  • Christmas gifts (?)

I’m quite sure I won’t be doing only these projects during the next year, but these are my goals. This will be my first year of crafting and I’m so excited!

A Year of Projects


15 thoughts on “Ett år fyllt av projekt (Year of Projects #0)

  1. Welcome welcome welcome we love new members and I love your list. Non specific is always good it leaves room for change and growth through the year and believe me your mind will change. I am totally new to crochet having finally put in the practise since January but I’ve been knitting from I was 8 so I would say it translates over from one yarn love to the other.

    • Hi and thank you for your comment! Yeah I definitely think my list will change during the year, and if knitting socks works well there will be some socks added to my list. I’m very tempted by Rowan’s Fine Art yarns and folder :)

      • For my first pair of socks I started with the Ann Budd Getting Started Knitting Socks those are cuff down ones and for Toe Up socks in case you want to try those I started with Toe Up Socks for Everybody by Wendy D Johnson, both books I go back to and helped loads. Just be warned nothing quite beats knitted socks and they are addictive to knit and wear lol

    • Oh I’m glad to see more crocheters! I feel we are a minority :) I love love love crochet but I’m also interested in knitting and its upsides and downsides compared to crochet :) good luck to you too, it will be fun to read about your year.

  2. Welcome to YOP and yay for a new crafter, you wont believe how much youve come along at the end. I look forward to seeing your projects!

  3. Welcome! I am a crocheter but learned to knit last year. I did socks too and used the tutorials from who is on Ravelry. This year I will try new patterns as I love making socks. I ended up preferring DPN’s over Magic Loop which I learned first because I thought DPN’s were too hard! LOL! I love DPN’s now.
    This group is so encouraging! I would never have made it as far as I have with knitting if it weren’t for their encouragement and wonderful comments. I hope you enjoy it and I love those lalylala dolls! I have to look into those. Do you have to be careful with the long scarf on them with children though? Or are they just for decoration? They are so cute! I also love your sampler blanket. I hear English is a tricky language to learn but of course, it’s the only one I know. Ha! Ha! Talk to you soon!

    • Thank you! I will check out Very pink, I think I need all the help I can get :) My mom said I should start with DPN’s so that’s what I’m planning to do. I hope it’s not too hard!

      I make my dolls for myself only since I’m not confident enough in my sewing yet, so I think the limbs would get torn off rather quickly.. If made for a small child I think I would make like a shawl and sew it to the doll :) I will get there eventually! In the meantime they are very pretty on my shelf :D

  4. So fun to “meet” you and welcome!! I am excited to see where all your list takes you. Our little group has been so encouraging throughout the past 2 years –I think you will enjoy our little group.

    • It was my first impression, you are all so friendly and seem like a happy group to be in! I’m guessing my list will expand as I see all your wonderful projects :D

    • I long to try all kinds of lovely yarn, so I thought why not make it a project for each year to try a new expensive one. That way I feel less guilty about buying it, and I also won’t buy too much ^^

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