En lågmäld vecka / A quiet week (YOP #9)

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Den här veckan har varit lugn och lågmäld. Första veckan med riktiga lektioner på jobbet tar sin tid och energi så jag är ganska trött. På kvällarna spelar jag spel (Sims 3) och virkar tills jag stupar i säng sådär vid 22-23. Upp och på’t igen. Det har inte hänt så mycket nytt egentligen den här veckan, men jag har kommit en bit på mina två filtprojekt i alla fall :)

Mixed stripes Sampler blocks

Efter lite velande fick det bli grå kanter på min pastellfilt, tror det kommer bli riktigt fint om jag bara får ihop den och blockar den. Just nu är det lite knöligt. Färgerna på den randinga filten är lite väl skrikiga känner jag ibland, men jag tror det blir bättre när den är större och man inte ser varje detalj längre.

I övrigt ser jag framemot att utforska Borlänges garnaffärer inom en ganska snar framtid, vad jag förstått ska det finnas flera lite större där :) Älskar garn!

In English

This week has been kind of quiet. It’s our first week with real lessons at work and it takes its toll, so I’m pretty tired. In the evenings I play games (Sims 3 mainly) and crochet until I drop dead into bed at around 22-23. Rise, rinse, repeat. There isn’t much news to tell this week, but some work has been done on both my blanket projects :)

Mixed stripes Sampler blocks

I had a hard time making a decision, but eventually I decided on gray borders for my pastel blanket. I think it will be great once it’s assembled and blocked, right now it’s kind of wobbly. The colours on the striped one are a bit over the top at times, but I think it will all look alright when it gets bigger and the details aren’t as obvious anymore.

I’m also looking forward to exploring the local yarn stores in Borlänge soon, if my research is right there should be several good ones there :) Yay for yarn!


18 thoughts on “En lågmäld vecka / A quiet week (YOP #9)

    • I’ve always been afraid of bright colours, until I started reading Lucy’s blog (Attic24). Now I love it! Although I think pastels and pale shades has its place too :)

  1. I love the pastel blanket, and yes, I think grey borders will be perfect. Don’t squares always look a bit wobbly before they’re assembled into a blanket? Mine always do :)

    Can’t wait to see the yarn stores you discover. Pictures please! I like to see these places vicariously when I can :)

    Have a great week!

    • It’s really my first squares blanket, so I wouldn’t know! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one with wobbly squares :)

      Oh I’ll try to remember to take some pics! Yarn stores are awesome in every kind of way :)

      I hope you have a great week too!

  2. Are you kidding? I LOVE the striped balnket…..I want to do one just like it and think the colors are so happy! I also love your pastel blocks with the gray. Let’s face it….if you make it….I like it! LOL! Catch up on your rest this weekend and renew yourself! Take care and please keep blogging your YOP’s! I love them!

    • You just need a Stylecraft Lucy pack and you’re off ^^ I love how easy it is to pick nice colours when Lucy is around :)
      You are too kind <3 I will try to rest and hopefully I'll have even more to share next week ^^

  3. I really love all the bright colours in the stripe, I sometimes don’t often use to many colours which is a shame as they do look awesome together. I think the grey was a good choice and I find it a great background colour.

  4. I adore the colors on the blanket on the top! It will be quite cheerful–especially when you are wrapped up in it during the cold dark days of winter!

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