En bilduppdatering / An update in pictures (YOP #11)

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Så var det söndag igen.. veckorna går fort :) I helgen tog vi tåget till storstan och firade en släktings födelsedag, det är helt perfekt att sitta och sticka på tåget så nu har jag fått massor gjort på min socka. I övrigt har det blivit lite här och där.

Striped sock
Såhär långt har jag kommit på sockan nu. Jag har lyckats göra en häl! Omåttligt stolt.

Mixed stripes
Några rader till på filten. Måste göra fler maskor i varje bubbla nästa gång…

Grandmother's favourite
En färdig (men pytteliten) Grandmother’s favourite. Nästa gång blir det nog en storlek större stickor och fler maskor :)

Checkered square
En till disktrasa, med schackrutemönster.

Tack alla för all uppmuntran förra veckan, allt det resulterade i den nu halvfärdiga sockan. Så svårt var det ju inte om man bara försökte :) Scrolla ner till botten för att se den uppdaterade listan.

In English

It’s Sunday again… the weeks are moving fast now! This weekend we took the train to the big city to celebrate a relative’s birthday. absolutely perfect knitting time. I got a lot done on my socks and I’m loving them. Or it, there’s just one so far. Apart from train knitting socks, some work has been done here and there.

Striped sock
This is my progress on my sock so far. I’ve made a heel! So proud.

Mixed stripes
A frew more rows on my blanket. I have to make more stitches in each bobble next time..

Grandmother's favourite
A finished (but tiny) Grandmother’s favourite. Next time I’ll use bigger needles and make more stitches :)

Checkered square
Another dishcloth, a checkered one.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who encouraged me to try knitting socks last week. You can all see the result now! It wasn’t that hard once I tried :)

The List

My list of projects for the 3rd Year of Projects (2013/1014)


20 thoughts on “En bilduppdatering / An update in pictures (YOP #11)

    • It’s very addictive! I always wish I was faster, no matter what. My hands can never keep up with my head :P
      I’m sure the best way to get faster is to just do it. Practice practice practice ^^

  1. Hooray you for trying the socks!! I have yet to do that, but it is on my list to try this year…maybe after December when Fall and Christmas knitting is complete? As always I am in love with your blanket-so bright and cheerful.
    Wishing you a lovely week-

  2. The socks are looking fabulous – I love the stripes. I found that I liked the look of Grandmother’s favourite, but I upped the number of rows to 60 to get a slightly better size :-)

    • This self striping yarn is awesome, I can learn to knit plainly and get exciting socks :D
      60 sounds more like a decent size, I’ll try it next time!

  3. You have “the gift”! LOL! That is your first sock? It’s beautiful! I’m on my thrid pair and they still don’t look that good! LOL! You’re amazing! Is that self-striping yarn on your sock or do you change the colors yourself? Don’t you love that Grandmother’s favorite pattern? I made one for my cousing and she loves it but she also asked if I would make one bigger. Oh, what’s the checkerboard pattern? That looks interesting and again…pretty yarn! TTYL!

    • Thank you! I’m sure your socks look awesome too :) It’s self striping yarn, it would definitely not be that even otherwise! I’ve never tried changing colours in knitting, so maybe that’s my next skill to practice :)

      Grandmother’s favourite was fun! I still struggle a bit with k2tog but I’ll get there. The checkerboard is just a simple k10 p10 k10… pattern that I repeat to get stockinette squares :)

  4. I love the socks! Looks like you had no problems at all with the heel, and the stripes are gorgeous! Be warned though, sock knitting is an addictive thing, and watch out for that sock yarn, I swear it multiplies when you’re not looking!

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