[English] This week’s update (YOP #15)

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I’m a tad late this week, mostly due to being busy and a tiny bit stressed out. Being stressed means I’d rather knit and crochet than talk about it, so I’ve been kinda quiet. I think things are starting to calm down now (for a short while at least) so I can stop and think and take photos :)

I work as a teacher in Swedish “high school” (16-18 year olds) and there are always ups and downs in school, so this is nothing new. It just still overwhelms me. I said last week in a comment here and there that I’d like to blog more regularly and I do, but I’m having mixed feelings. It’s hard to be bilingual! (I’m not a true bilingual, of course. Just an English teacher in Sweden). If I write only in English, I shut out my Swedish friends and family a bit and if I write only in Swedish none of my YOP friends can read it. And writing in both languages in each post has turned out kind of irritating. When using English as much as I do, I start to think in English which also means I construct sentences that doesn’t really work in Swedish, and vice versa. By translating back and forth I lose what I really want to say and just fuss over word choice. This is something I need to think more about!

Apart from these things life is pretty good. I have lots of yarn and lovely inspiring projects that make me calm and happy :) I’ve also found a knit cafe group here in Falun that I like, so I hope to be able to go there on Wednesdays. And I’ve joined the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry! (For those who don’t know, you are supposed to create at least one project each month that fits a given prompt, a “homework”. The fun thing is to match projects with prompts and be creative). I want to thank Ruth for encouraging me! I’m playing as a Not Quite First Year at the moment but I should start to read up on houses so I can maybe get sorted in December..

I’m keeping up with several projects still, all of them kind of big. This week has seen some work on Whippoorwill, the magic loop socks, a dishcloth and a bag for my Nintendo 2DS. I’ll leave you with some pics before I go to visit all of you ^^

Waves dishcloth Nintendo 2DS bag  Whippoorwill Regia sock


9 thoughts on “[English] This week’s update (YOP #15)

  1. It’s hard enough to blog regularly without adding the challenge of doing it in two languages. Mostly I’ve had pretty good luck with Google translate except when it comes to craft-specific language. I’d be okay if you blogged in Swedish and maybe just captioned photos in English.

    Alternatively you could do some days in English and some days in Swedish. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn some Swedish!

    Cute sock! And I love the DS bag. I’ll be interested in how functional it is, as I’ve been considering an iPhone bag for around my neck.

  2. Me again. You also shouldn’t feel compelled to provide literally the same text in English and Swedish. After all, who will complain? I send letters to my sponsored child in Mali in English and receive back English translations of the original French, and by no means are those literal translations. I know enough French to know that some political correctness is being introduced when the child writes “My Dad is a farmer and my mother does nothing” and the translation I get says “My Dad is a farmer and my mother is a housewife” LOL!

    • I like your idea about writing some things in Swedish and some things in English! That would definitely make life a bit easier :)
      And you’re right, mostly those who read the Swedish part won’t read the English one, and the other way around, so I could just write what I feel like. Haha, I love that they changed it to housewife! The French version is very brutally honest from the child’s point of view :P

  3. No need to write in both…do what you think is best..most foreign language blogs I can figure out from pictures or use Google translate…..lots of ongoing projects there..good luck..and good luck in HP…..I know the abbreviation is really long…I play in Nerd Wars on Ravelry as co-captain of Stargate Command and we have lots of people who play both…

  4. I’m sorry everything is all uhhhh at the moment and knitting and crocheting always helps calms things down. I can’t offer any advice on blogging in both Swedish and English I just think you should do what makes you happy. I’m glad your joining in and I did a month or two as an NQFY and it really helped get a handle on things. I’m loving fitting in things for classes and have a few things now this week to turn in and I’ve gotten to grips with Quidditch. Loving all the projects that is on your needles !

    • I need to think for a bit to find out what feels best :) I think there are lots of ways of keeping both the Swedish and English touch to my blogging :) I’m looking forward to learning more about quidditch and those extra curriculars!

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