[English] A short one (YOP #16)

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I can’t believe I’ve been blogging in Year of Projects for 16 weeks already! It feels like yesterday I made my list.. Things are moving along, life in general is getting less stressful for the most part and our apartment is nice and tidy finally. Of course we still have some boxes that aren’t unpacked yet, but there’s nothing urgent about it.

I think my projects are about in the same stage as the rest of my life. Slowly but steadily just moving on, row after row. The bag for my Nintendo DS should be finished soon so I need to buy a button for it and I’ve turned the heel on the Regia sock. I realised picking up w&t’s is not my favourite thing to do, so maybe I’ll do “Dobby socks” and make a pair that aren’t made from the same pattern.

DS bag

This is the bag for my DS, a simple sc/dc bag with a fold over star stitch flap :)

Regia sock

The sock! I didn’t like the look of the slip stitch heel flap on the picture in the book, but in this yarn it was great.

Christmas heart

Some random Christmas decoration experimentation when the big projects were just too big :)

I hope you’ll all have a nice week and weekend! We (Mum, sis and I) are going to one of the few shows for yarn lovers I’ve found here in Sweden (Syfestivalen) and I’m so excited. It’s going to be lots of fun :) I’ll get back on Sunday and hope to be able to share lots of experiences and some new yarn. Trying to decide on my yarn budget at the moment, I’m guessing it’s easy to spend more than you had planned to :)


4 thoughts on “[English] A short one (YOP #16)

  1. How fun to go to a yarn-lover-show! I bet you’ll have a great time and I expect to see lots of new wonderful yarn in next weeks post! That Christmas ornament is so cute! And what a clever idea to make a Nintendo DS bag! Great colors in the bag and sock!

  2. Have fun and yes I’d imagine it’s easier to spend more than you planned. Love all the projects but the random Christmast one looks really great !

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