[English] Craft fair (YOP #17)

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We are back from the capital and the craft fair! Loved it, even though it wasn’t a yarn only fair. There were lots of booths with fabric and jewelry-making stuff too which doesn’t interest me that much, but they are pretty to look at anyway :) And I got back with lots and lots of inspiration! My yarn purchases were kind of limited, but mostly since I’m a very picky person. I want to squeeze and think and squeeze again before I can decide and fairs just aren’t the perfect place for that. Had lots of fun discussing and dreaming and planning with my mum and sis instead of buying the whole lot.

This is what I bought
Haul from SyfestivalenThe first yarn (the variegated) is a skein of Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend in the colour Scorpio. Second and third is a fingering silk yarn dyed my a Swedish dyer called “Sjöalyckans silke”. Forth yarn, the green, is a yarn that’s made up of lots and lots of threads and I think it’s pure cotton. No name! Fifth yarn is a blue gray skein of Mirasol Sulka. All of them are very squishy and lovely to touch! The first three are destined to become shawls/cowls/ponchos whenever I find a pattern and the blue will be something small next to the skin, like wrist warmers. The green one will be hot pads :)

Apart from the yarn I also bought a spindle! My most exciting purchase, if you ask me, I’m so excited to learn to spin and learn more about different fibers. My mum gifted me some “merino fluff” so I have something nice to start with :) The last items on this pic that I bought are a second cable (120 cm), a new size of interchangeable knitting needles (Symphonie 3.5 mm) and a pack of darning needles with a case. I’m realising I need to add some more sizes of knitting needles to my stash soon, I feel hindered in my project planning by not having the right tools!

Project wise, things are more or less the same. I’m soon starting the third and last section on the Whippoorwill and I’ve started the k1p1 ribbing on the sock so I might have some FOs soon. Maybe just in time for the hand in of the first Detention projects on Friday! I have a few ideas on what to start next, but I haven’t really decided yet. Too many ideas!

I hope you all have had a nice weekend :)



12 thoughts on “[English] Craft fair (YOP #17)

  1. Oh a creativ fair! There was one here in toronto this weekend too… I didn’t go, for a variety of reasons… The Main one being I am holding out for the knitters frolic inapril… Saving my pennies….

  2. Quality, not quantity – you have some lovely yarn there – can’t wait to see what you do with them. And a spindle is very exciting – I look forward to seeing your fluff spun!

    • I can’t wait to start the new projects with this yarn! But I really need to finish some WIPs first or I will feel confused and stressed out :)

  3. Ohhhh love the yarn, I’m a sucker for Manos, it’s so gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing what you spin up and I’m debating buying a set of interchangables ? Are they worth it ?

    • I love my interchangeables! But I’ve never tried fixed circulars so I can’t say if they’re better :) good thing is you don’t have to buy three sets of 4.0 mm tips just so you can have different lengths :)

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