[English] Busy busy busy (YOP #18)

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It’s update time again! And I missed the Sunday deadline, again. Weekends are just so busy atm :) We had friends over for our official housewarming party, the first arriving on Thursday and the last leaving this morning (Monday). I’m all social-ed out! But it was a lot of fun and it was nice to catch up with everyone again, even though I’m a sleepy person and go to bed long before everyone else.

Craft wise, things are happening! I was planning on doing a bigger list update post for November this time, but I think I’ll just postpone that until December and do a bigger update right before Christmas. Things are a bit messy now, with lots of ideas and lots of projects on the go. I don’t think I have the energy to actually make it into a proper list. This is a picture of the happy, crafty mess that is my desk

Crafty mess

And this is just one side of it! The big green knitting is my Whippoorwill shawl, which is 3.5 rows from completion so that’s what I’m spending most of my time on right now. I promised myself I won’t start anything new until that’s finished. Apart from Kira, of course, because that was on my list…. (best justification ever). So next week I might have a FO to share! Wohoo!


8 thoughts on “[English] Busy busy busy (YOP #18)

  1. Your crafty desk looks just like mine at the moment only it’s got teddy body parts all over it with different coloured yarns on it with hooks sticking out lol. Organised chaos I like to call it. Looking forward to seeing whippoorwill and Kira is to cute, how could you not start it.

  2. Oh wow, I would be social-ed out too if I’d had to entertain guests for so long! I love your happy messy craftzone, it looks so familiar ;-) I can’t wait to see Kira finished!

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