[English] List update and a confession (YOP #20)

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I have a small confession to make… Startitis just hit again! I’ve started both a pair of fingerless mitts and a cowl this week. Oops! But I’m enjoying both projects, so no harm in it really. I will just have to focus a bit more to be able to finish something to hand in for HPKCHC this month :) The Malabrigo leftovers I mentioned last week are now on their way to become Leftover sock yarn mitts. I’m past the thumb hole on the first and on to the decreases for the gusset, this is a kind of messy pic of my progress so far:

Fingerless mitts

I apologise, my phone is really bad at capturing the colour in this yarn, it always turns out blue tinted. I’m sorting this into the “give wool yarn some love”-category of my YOP-list.

The cowl is meant to be a Honey cowl and I’m using the Manos Silk Blend I bought at the fair. It’s so squishy and soft, I’m really hoping it will turn out nice :) Progress so far:

Honey cowl / gosesjal

Lesson learned today: If knitting in the round, either use a too short cable or a very much longer one for a magic loop hybrid technique. This cable turned out to be just a tiny bit too long for the circumference of the cowl and it is a bit of a pain shuffling the stitches around. Hopefully it will turn out fine anyway :)

Apart from these, I’ve added a few more blocks to both the blanket for my sister and the Sampler blanket. Here are the sampler squares


And Kira now has legs and a tummy, only lacking the upper part of the body for the main structure. Then it’s time to make arms, pouch, ears and such :)



I’m not a very quick crafter when I’m in this startitis mood, I wish I had a better focus so I could finish the blanket for my sister at least. But, crafting should be fun so I can’t force myself or I would take all the joy out of it. I’m sure my energy for her blanket will return soon :)

This is the updated version of my list, some shuffling around and some details added.

  • Something wearable for wrapping up at work (Cast on a Honey cowl on November 17)
  • Finish my doily shawl
  • Finish my Dahlia shawl
  • mixed stripes/sampler blanket in Stylecraft (project page)
  • A blanket inspired by Cherry Heart’s sampler blanket in Drops Safran (project page)
  • Finish my Stitch Sampler
  • Finish the blanket for my sister and her fiancé
  • Another lalylala-doll (first one finished July 2, Kira started November 1)
  • Learn some different sock techniques like toe up, magic loop and other heels/toes (Experimenting with socks from “Socks from the toe up”)
  • A clothing item a little more complicated than a shawl/wrap
  • Add a border from ”Around the corner” to something
  • A bag or tote made of blocks (squares, hexagons..)
  • Christmas gifts (not sure about this one)
  • Try out different dishcloths (#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8#9#10#11#12)
  • Learn to knit socks (first pair finished)
  • Give wool yarn some love (finally convinced wool is lovely, mainly helped by spinning and Malabrigo)
  • Buy an expensive and luxurious yarn and find a project for it (Malabrigo sock and Whippoorwill!)

I hope you’ll all have a lovely week!


13 thoughts on “[English] List update and a confession (YOP #20)

  1. For starting two, new projects, you’ve certainly gotten a lot done! The Honey Cowl is a great pattern. I’ve made one in the past. The texture it has is lovely.

  2. Well, you konw I love all your projects. I had not seen Cherrry Hearts sampler blanket…oh no! Now I have to start another one! LOL! But I love her projects and yours and it is so fun plus I’ll have lots more time after Thanksgiving here. Your yarns are gorgeous and I think I want to start investing in some more expensive yarns. It’s really motivating to see your projects and you make me feel better about starting more projects.Ha! Ha! Sisters in crime!

    • Cherry heart’s projects are so hard to resist! I love using both cheap yarns like Stylecraft and expensicve yarns like Malabrigo, they all have their uses :) Hehehe, starting projects is great, do it ;)

  3. I love a bout of startitis and I’m trying to restrain myself so I can get orders and fair items done up but by Christmas I just know what’s going to happen and I’m going to indulge it no end…*squeeeee. I love all your items and Kira is going to be so cute. Loving those sample squares and your right the love for the blanket will return and forcing it will only make you dislike it so best to go with the flow and enjoy.

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