[English] Finish-itis (YOP #22)

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Another week, another update :) I had a (very rare) spell of finish-itis this past week, I finished my DS bag, my Malabrigo mitts and a secret project. I haven’t added the Malabrigo mitts to the list though, maybe I should.

Here’s the DS bag:
DS bag
My boyfriend made the cute litte wooden button :) I’m quite pleased with the bag, it’s simple and cute and protects the screen like I wanted it to.

And the Malabrigo mitts:
Malabrigo mitts
I still don’t like ribbing since I can’t keep my tension even, but it’s getting better. I guess I just need practice :)

I’ll share the secret projects after Christmas, probably. If I remember :P

Finishing one item always makes me want to finish more! It’s quite addictive, although not as bad as starting new things. Hopefully this will last long enough to get things done on my bigger WIPs, but we’ll see. I’m just trying to relax and enjoy myself these few weeks left before Christmas, since work is crazy busy.

Can’t wait for the holidays!


4 thoughts on “[English] Finish-itis (YOP #22)

  1. Oh that DS bag looks so awesome! Wait a minute… you used star stitch.. and …? Pretty wooden button too! And the Malabrigo mitts look great too, I wish I could knit like you!

    • Yup, it’s the one-sided star stitch! Nicely spotted :) And just single crochet for the rest! So very simple :)
      I’m sure you could knit! It just needs time and patience.. Lots of it :P

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