[English] Birthday weekend (YOP # 23)

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The past week has been busy, both at work and at home. I’m glad I have my family and my crafting to help me when things get super stressful!

The finish-itis still hasn’t really let go, today I finished my Dahlia shawl . Lace weight yarn isn’t really my favourite, but I’m glad I tried because now I know. I might do some more lace in the future, but I doubt it. It’s very fiddly and I prefer my crafting to have a more fabric-y feel. But, I’m not disappointed with the result! Here it is on my new blocking boards

Dahlia shawl

My mum, dad, sister and her fiancé came to visit yesterday to celebrate my birthday. My real birthday isn’t until Tuesday but it’s a lot more fun if you can spend more than an hour together so we decided to celebrate yesterday instead :) We had some great food at a nice restaurant and I got the loveliest presents!

Blocking mat

A blocking mat with Pingu!

Mirasol Sulka

Some Mirasol Sulka yarn (the lighter blue is the one I bought at Syfestivalen)

Merino silk tops Bamboo fiber

And some spinning fiber (a merino silk mix called chocolate and bamboo fiber).

I love it all, can’t wait to start using it. I used the blocking boards for the first time today when blocking the Dahlia, and I see a lot of shawls and similar items in my future that will require blocking :) I’ll leave you with my updated YOP-list and get back to crafting. I hope you’ll all have a lovely week!

The List

  • Something wearable for wrapping up at work (Cast on a Honey cowl on November 17)
  • Finish my doily shawl
  • mixed stripes/sampler blanket in Stylecraft (project page)
  • A blanket inspired by Cherry Heart’s sampler blanket in Drops Safran (project page)
  • Finish my Stitch Sampler
  • Finish the blanket for my sister and her fiancé
  • Another lalylala-doll (first one finished July 2, Kira started November 1)
  • Learn some different sock techniques like toe up, magic loop and other heels/toes (Experimenting with socks from “Socks from the toe up”)
  • A clothing item a little more complicated than a shawl/wrap
  • Add a border from ”Around the corner” to something
  • A bag or tote made of blocks (squares, hexagons..)
  • Christmas gifts (not sure about this one)
  • Try out different dishcloths (made A LOT of those, see the #dishcloth tag in my projects)
  • Finish my Dahlia shawl (finished December 8)
  • Learn to knit socks (first pair finished)
  • Give wool yarn some love (finally convinced wool is lovely, mainly helped by spinning and Malabrigo)
  • Buy an expensive and luxurious yarn and find a project for it (Malabrigo sock and Whippoorwill!)

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