[English] Third Sunday of Advent (YOP #24)

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It’s the third Sunday of Advent already! I can’t believe it, it feels like it was just yesterday it was August with our move and the start of school. Soon, I will celebrate my first crochet anniversary! I learned to crochet properly during Christmas break last year and I’m very happy I did. I think I will do a proper “craft year round up” later :)

This week I’ve finished my Honey cowl (today) and started swatching for a Fatty Lumpkin. I’m trying out both the normal African Flower and Heidi’s modified one, but I think I like the original best. I’ll have to live with the stuffing showing through the gaps a little bit :) I was hoping to be able to do Fatty Lumpkin as an OWL for the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup next term, but people in the forum there seemed to think it might be too small/short of a project. Maybe I’ll power on and try to do it as a normal class instead! I know I can be quick if I really want to, the problem is the more I think I should do something, the less I want to do it. We’ll see :)

This is the finished honey cowl, with 12 g yarn to spare
Cosy cowl finished!

And the African Flowers (normal pattern joined with the join-as-you-go method to the left, modified pattern to the right)
Fatty Lumpkin swatches

Of course, having a FO means I can start something new! So I started a ripple scarf in my lovely lovely Mirasol yarn :)
Ripple scarf

Just one week left of this term, then a much needed Christmas break! Can’t wait :)


14 thoughts on “[English] Third Sunday of Advent (YOP #24)

  1. Are you in school? What are you studying? Or are you a teacher? Anyway, you know I always love your projects, your yarns and your color choices. I have that African Flower on my list but haven’t tried it yet. Love the ripple scarf too and the cowl is so pretty in those colors. Happy Holidays!

  2. Love the African flowers in your neutrals.Your crocheting is awesome, particularly considering the brief amount of time you’ve been doing it.

    I made a couple of honey cowls too. Isn’t it a lovely texture when it’s done? And so comfy!

  3. Happy crochet anniversary, I learned in January of this year and I’m so pleased I did. Love the cowl and the african flowers and that ripple scarf is going to look great.

  4. Love all your projects! The honey cowl looks comfy and I love the warm colors, the african flowers are beautiful (both versions) and the ripple scarfs looks amazing as well! A year of crocheting.. time flies doesn’t it?

  5. I have to agree with you on preferring the original African flowers over the modified. Of course, it took me several minutes of staring at it to figure out what was different… That must be a good sign that I’m a knitter.

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