[English] A year in review (YOP #26)

I’m doing a combined “year in review” and “year of projects” post today. I’m still att my parents’ but I want to post this up before the new year :)

2013 was the year I learned to crochet and found out was the most awesome of hobbies. I’ve loved yarn since I was a kid, but I’ve never been able to actually use it for something. I dabbled in knitting during school and a short time during uni, but it never caught on. Maybe it was just too hard, maybe I wasn’t in the right mood yet, I don’t know. Now I have an awesome hobby which also lets me buy lots and lots of yarn!

What convinced me to learn crochet? I’m not sure what was the deciding factor, but I know Lucy of Attic24 and her wonderful creations was one of the big reasons. By reading her blog, I got the feeling anyone could do this because she makes everything seem so easy and fun. I think her second ripple blanket was the one biggest inspiration!

Interlocking ripple from Attic24

Apart from Lucy, my other inspiration to start crocheting was the cute amigurumi I found, and especially sweets and cookies. I’m not creating a lot of those anymore but I loved making them! Need to get back to it someday :)

Below you’ll find a gallery of most of my makes for this year. Not all of them, that would never fit into a blog post, but those I’ve liked most for some reason.

Crocheted sweets

These are some of my first creations :) I especially like the sheep, it was only my third amigurumi but turned out super cute!

Amigurumi etc

Some more amigurumi and other crochet creations. Need to use that crocodile stitch some more.

Attic24 inspiration

A very happy girl who just received her Lucy pack! And my Lucy-inspired creations.



New adventures

I love shawls! This picture also shows my adventures in knitting and spinning :)

YOP-wise, I haven’t done much over the holidays. I’m crafting every day but I started a silky shawl just before we left (22 Dec) and that’s my main focus right now. I have a few plans for new items I want to make and I’m dreaming of buying a spinning wheel but I’m trying to relax and just enjoy the slowness of the holidays atm :) I was also sorted in the Harry Potter House Cup on Ravelry (Huzzah Hufflepuff!) so I’m hoping for a fun and challenging year ahead! Since I’m sorted, all new items have to wait until the 1st so I can use them for points in the cup.

It has been a wonderful year and I’m really looking forward to another year of crafting. Over the last couple of days I’ve read a lot of year end reviews from my favourite blogs and I feel so inspired. There is so much left to learn and so many things to create! One thing that hit me though is that I love reading blogs with beautiful photos, both of nature and crafting, but I can never be bothered myself. I think my resolution for the new year should be to take more photos of my everyday life and give more love to my crafty makes and take the photos they deserve. I’m not a photo genius but I think I could still do a bit better :)

To a lovely, productive, relaxed year!


10 thoughts on “[English] A year in review (YOP #26)

  1. När man nu ser allt du gjort blir man helt överväldigad. Du har gjort mer på ett år än jag gjort på en hel livstid. Jag fattar fortfarande inte hur du kan vara så snabb när du har så hög kvalitet på det du gör. Oerhört imponerande och jättejättekul att se! *beundrar*

  2. Oh yes, I’d be very interested in more pictures of your everyday life; I expect your surroundings are very different than mine! I just love all those colours in your ripple blanket. So bright and cheery! And your tiered stand of all those crocheted goodies is pretty awesome too!

    Happy New Year!

  3. I also LOVE croucheing (spelling?)! I have always found it more easygoing than knitting as it makes it easier to follow my own heart and ideas – knitting is more “dangerous” in that way. When knitting, takeing detours usually creates problems while as with croucheing I mostly manage to create my own personal solutions. Happy new years!

    • I agree, crocheting feels more free! You can modify each stitch independently and see the results almost at once. And a dropped stitch or mistake is no catastrophe either :) knitting is quite unforgiving, but on the other hand I prefer the fabric of knitting for sweaters and such for example :)
      I’m not very creative yet in the sense that I create my own patterns, I usually follow other people’s patterns and ideas still :)
      Happy New Year!

    • Oh thank you, that’s very flattering! I’m sure there are several of us in the YOP group that would be happy to help if you get stuck, crochet is awesome :D

  4. I love all your creations they number so many. I too started off learning crochet this year and did the odd bit here and there until September and seem to have spent the remainder of the year crocheting and not knitting even though I’m a knitter, it’s my yarny love although crochet is competiting with it now lol. I love your doilles (I must make more) and I love your Lucy inspirations, I to have a Lucy bag which I made before this present yop year. I love the sweets and cute cute amigurumi. I to love reading blogs and need to read more and as you told me find the balance, I suspect all will quieten down now some. Happy New Year.

    • I thought I was mainly a crocheter but now (since like October) I can’t stop knitting. We’ll see when this fades which turns out to be my favourite :)

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