[English] Finished items! (YOP #28)

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I’m a bit late this week, I blame winter and general tiredness, but I do have some FOs to share with you today!

I bound off my toddler cardigan last week, and yesterday I bought buttons and spent some time sewing. Tadah!

In threes

The sock of doom is also finished! There is something about the Regia yarn I don’t like, I think it’s the scratchiness, so this sock took ages. (It’s the right sock I just finished, the other one was finished in November).

Regia socks

So… what now? I started a hat last week, but it turned out waaay too big even for my bf. It’s frogged now and the yarn rewound. I’m totally at loss what to do, can’t find a single pattern that just says “Make me!”. I guess I’ll have to wait and see :)



2 thoughts on “[English] Finished items! (YOP #28)

  1. Love the toddler cardigan it’s so pretty and well done on finishing the other sock of doom, I’m sorry you don’t like the yarn and I’m hoping you find something that speaks to you.

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