[English] Progress (YOP #29)

This week I’m on time! Amazing :) It’s time to talk progress on the Year of Projects again.

And I’m sorry to say I’m making almost no progress at all on my list items! I am crafting though, just not something from the list. I’ve cast on a hat and a new pair of socks, and I’m also making a snuggle blanket/lovey for a couple of friends who just had their first baby. These will probably be added to the list, but I need to ponder if I want to add them as projects or as a general category (like “Practice making hats” or “Learn more about sock sizing” etc).

Here are some progress pics!

Knight lovey Weather the weather hat Socks on a plane

I don’t know if I ever told you about this shawl?

Clair de Lune

It’s called Clair de Lune and I’m making it in my silk yarn I bought at the craft fair this autumn. I started it over Christmas but it’s sleeping at the moment, need to find my patience with lace again :)

We had the most glorious winter weather today which reminded me that I do really love winter, when it’s like this. Not when it’s grey grey grey and muddy, like October, November and December were. I hope it will stay this way until March, then instant spring! I’ll leave you with some pics from my walk today.

Wintry walk 19/1 Wintry walk 19/1 Wintry walk 19/1 Wintry walk 19/1 Wintry walk 19/1


10 thoughts on “[English] Progress (YOP #29)

  1. Lace takes lots of patience. I hear ya on that!
    Those winter pics are lovely. That is what I want winter to look like all the time too… No ice storms, no slush, none of that. No sir. Just magical and pretty.

  2. I hope you find what to add those items to your list under and I always allow straying from the list, it makes it fun and those categories end up a surprise. Pretty pictures and I love the shawl although yes you need to be in love with and in the mood to knit lace. I too like winter when its winter we here in Ireland get a lot of the grey grey grey damp kind of winter and now I’m so ready for spring to come.

    • Yes, just sticking to the list would make it boring I think!
      At least for me :)

      I’m so glad to be living in Sweden when it’s winter, we usually get proper snowy winters :) but I will be envious once spring starts in UK and Ireland!

  3. I too have cast on socks and hats lately. Are you doing toe up 2 at a time? Let me know how that goes as I’ve never tried that. Well, I have a hard time sticking to my list except in a general way so don’t feel bad. I’m actually better this year but that’s because I made for a lot of general categories….just in case I wanted to add things which I have already.
    I’ve never done lace or a shawl but I never say never. The little crocheted head is so cute even without any features…..I am wanting to make toys/dolls right now very badly. I may have to start one today. LOL!
    Your scenery with the snow and pines is gorgeous. I miss snow although we had one little storm this winter that I enjoyed but it’s long gone. I haven’t walked this week because of my dog having surgery but she’s doing great so this week for sure. Have a great week and always love seeing your projects.

    • Yup, my first time doing 2 at a time! Done one pair of toe up before, and I think I like that better. Easier to get the ribbing of the cuff even that way!

      Oh, I love shawls! I use Evernote to keep track of my queue (my Ravelry queue is for real plans, Evernote for dreams) and I think I have like 50 shawl patterns saved already. I collected shawls as a kid, but in fabric. :)

      Toys are super cute but fiddly! I need to take a break between each one I make otherwise I get quite bored.

      Have a great week!

  4. Oooh what a lovely winter wonderland!! That IS magical! I have the same, I always intend to make my next cast-on/hook-on something from my YoPlist.. And then something else wonderful catches my eye! Congrats on your progress, especially love your hat and its color!

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