[English] Still and quiet (YOP #30)

Dropping in late with my YOP-update this week, as usual it seems! I simply have too much on my mind right now. There is slow progress on the crafting front, although I finished my Stormhatt.

Weather hat

I started a new hat now, Windschief, for my bf :) It’s slow going but I will finish it eventually. I’ve also finally started making the Fatty Lumpkin I’ve been coveting for months, one hind leg done!

Fatty Lumpkin

I don’t think this will be finished anytime soon even though the hexies are quick and easy, but I’m in no hurry at the moment. I want to enjoy life and crafting, not feel stressed out.

I hope you’re all having a fabulous week!


8 thoughts on “[English] Still and quiet (YOP #30)

  1. That hat is pretty! And can I just say that I’m already a fan of Fatty Lumpkin, even though there’s only one finished leg? I love that you’re in no hurry and just enjoying the good stuff!

  2. Your hat is gorgeous, I love the shade and wavy lines up through it and it’s good to just go along at a relaxed pace in crafting and remember why we enjoy the craft.

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