[English] February mush (YOP #32)

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It has been a week of bad weather, we’ve had temperatures around 0 C and some snow mixed with rain. With some I mean lots. Everything is wet wet wet and mostly grey, although some specks of white still remain here and there. I just wish it would be proper winter or proper spring! But I guess this weather will stay until April at least.

I tried to cure the bad weather mood with some colour, my second Lucy pack of Stylecraft yarn arrived! So now I’m back on my mixed stripes blanket. I’ve decided to not follow Not Your Average Crochet‘s pattern fully, I’m trying to improvise a bit more and use stitches from other blankets I’ve seen. Little Woolie‘s for example. I’ve also switched from always working back and forth to trying to keep one side as the front and always working from that side. Little Woolie did that for hers and it looks a lot tidier in my opinion!

I need people’s opinion on the duotone cowl I posted last week, I fell out of love with it. I think there is too little contrast between the blue and black for it to work out, really. It’s in hibernation now, but I will probably frog it if I can’t convince myself it looks good. Instead, I started an Isla wrap in my purple Madelinetosh. Loving it a lot so far!

I think that’s all for today, not a very eventful week :) I hope you’ll have better weather than we’ve had!


14 thoughts on “[English] February mush (YOP #32)

  1. Lots of bright colours are sure to brighten up a dull wet grey kind of day, it’s wet here oh so wet here as well so a dash of colour may be needed here as well.

  2. Oh my, but looking at all those stripey blankets make me want to learn how to crochet, Now! If your yarn is like that, it will be sure to brighten up any gray winter day. Your Isla wrap will be something wonderful too…. Hang in there–Spring will be here eventually!

  3. Love the stripey’s and I love that book of 250 crochet stitches by Erica Knight over on ittle Woolies blog. I’m wondering if it could be the dye in the yarn that bothered your fingers? Could you intersperse a light color? Would that help? I’m not a big fan of the darker combo’s like black and blue but that’s just me. I remember that shawl you made not too long ago though and that was a blue and gorgeous….was that the Malabrigo?
    I do love blankets and all the different colors and styles.
    The weather is pretty bad everywhere. It is way colder than usual here and everything is ice. I haven’t been out in over a week…we’re not used to this type of weather int he south and so there is no plowing, salting or sanding which makes it very dangerous to go out.
    Are you enjoying the Olympics? Spring is coming…eventually!

    • Maybe I should get that book, it looks useful! It could definitely be the dye, never felt anything like that before! I think both black and blue has their uses, but they weren’t a great match in this project. I will redo this pattern in another yarn sometime :) It’s a lovely pattern when there’s bigger contrast!

      I’ve made a green Malabrigo, and I’m doing a light blue doily shawl.. Maybe that’s the one you’re thinking of?

      Ice sounds scary! If we get cold weather at least we got snow, not ice. I hope you’ll have less ice and more snow and some plowing or such soon!

  4. It’s horrible here too – I’m bored of rain now!! It’s probably for that reason that I am not sure about the duotone cowl. I can’t see much contrast on my screen (and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing), but I really like the look of bright, spring type colours at the moment and so it isn’t quite my liking at the moment. The stripey blankets look great though and good on you for improvising :-)

  5. Send some of that wetness over to CA. We’re trying to get out of drought status.
    If you’re not motivated to finish that cowl, frog it. I wonder why you had a burning sensation? I have Sweet Georgia sock yarn and have yet to use it. I like the looks of that Isla wrap.

    • I wish I could send you loads of rain! Drought must be worse than this I’m sure.
      Like someone commented earlier, it might be the dye, in combination with dry skin from winter weather. I think it will get better with a washing :)

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