[English] A (very) delayed update (YOP #34 and #35)

I have been a bit absent lately, and I will most likely continue to be for a while longer. Last week was Spring break, and I started out with food poisoning. Lots of fun! I barely had time to recover before I went to a scheduled appointment at the eye doctor, I’ve had some shadows floating around. Turned out to be retinal detachment and I was sent to surgery the next day.

Quite dramatic, so now I’m home from work with a red and runny eye and not much energy. I hope I’ll be able to knit and crochet soon, but my eye still hurts too much. I hope you all have had a better time! I’ll catch up with you when I can see better :)


10 thoughts on “[English] A (very) delayed update (YOP #34 and #35)

  1. Now that sounds like a dreadful week! So glad you saw someone straight away for the retinal detachment. If they don’t catch it quickly you can easily lose the sight in that eye. Take it easy, rest up and get better :)

  2. Oh my, you’ve had a scary and painful time of it. I’ve heard that is extremely painful. REst up and heal and my prayers are with you. I almost went blind a while back and had 2 surgeries but it wasn’t my retina so there was little pain involved but I am grateful every day that I can see. Take care.

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