[English] Planning and plotting (YOP #41)

This last week has pretty much been planning and plotting for me. Work is quite exhausting so I don’t have the energy to create all the time. But I can dream without any problems!

I’m dreaming of shawls and skirts and sweaters, but I also think I need to have a good thinking of the kinds of projects I choose to start. I can’t have too many more big projects or I will feel like nothing ever gets finished and I will get unhappy with my crafting. I made a small amigurumi cookie for just this reason, I might go back to small amigurumi for a while just to get my spirits up!

I’m progressing slowly on my new projects, not much happening on the list so I see no reason to update it yet. Instead I’m already thinking of next year, if blogging is for me and if this list thing helps me or stops me. I’m so glad I’ve got to know all the blog-along-friends, but I don’t think the blogging format is the best choice with my kind of work and stress levels. We’ll see what I think when I’ve thought this through thoroughly. :)

More planning and plotting scheduled for this week, and I might get a bit closer to finishing my Pogona!


4 thoughts on “[English] Planning and plotting (YOP #41)

  1. Definitely time to have a rethink. The whole point of the Year of Projects is to organize and then encourage you. If it’s not working for you, if it’s creating more stress, then it’s not the right thing. I love daydreaming about things I could and might do, but I need socks on the needles as a go-to project day in and day out.

    • No I definitely need to think of how I want this to work for me :) I don’t think it’s the list that’s stressful per se, but I need to make a major overhaul in my life now that I have the job I have. Less stress ftw!

      I have yet to find my perfect goto project, but it’s a fun journey to find it :D

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