[English] An FO at last! (YOP #42)

This past week was the last week at work before spring break/Easter holidays, which means I’m now officially off work until next Sunday. Yay! I also went to see the eye doctor on Thursday, and everything looked fine. I don’t need to get back there for another month now :)

My crafting inspiration has definitely returned and I’m so excited! I’ve managed to finish my Pogona, so here it is:



I’m loving it! It’s quite big and very drapey thanks to the silk, so perfect for chilly summer nights. Finishing a WIP means you are allowed to start at least one new item, right? So I started a Semi-precious shawl in the blue alpaca yarn I’ve had lying around for ages. I love the yarn, it just hadn’t found its perfect project. Until now :) My list needs updating with some shawl goals, that’s for sure!

Haven’t worked on much else this week though although I’m itching to get a few more WIPs finished. Problem is, most of my WIPs are wuite big and need a lot of time to get even close to finishing. I might actually schedule 15-30 min a night for a long standing WIP that has lots of work left. That way I’ll make slow and steady progress and not feel so overwhelmed :)

The plan for the coming week includes lots of spinning and some shawl knitting. And some work on a WIP or two :)


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