[English] Startitis hits again (YOP #43)

Update time! I’m still working diligently *ahem* on my big WIPs, trying to get closer to the finish line. None of them has a finish line in sight though and I just can’t be bothered to take photos and edit them for progress because I’m so tired of them! I am in a bit of a downperiod, working a short while on something here and there and not being able to focus and really make big progress on anything. I miss that energy to just focus of course, but at the same time nothing really gets forgotten, everything gets around 15 mins work each week at least :)

I do have a few FOs to share though, things that are small or some spinning which is the one thing I can keep doing for quite a long time without getting bored. First, spinning! My mum gave me some more Malabrigo fiber, and since it is just LOVELY I couldn’t keep my hands off it :) Here’s a skein I made, the yarn turned out a bit thinner than before but also higher twist, not sure which I prefer!

Nube Solis

Second skein is already “in production”, of course. I also finished a mini skein of a merino milk fiber mix, just gorgeous! It spun like gold! Do try it if you get the chance :)

Merino milk

Apart from this, I’ve started a hexipuff project with my mini skeins from the club at The Natural Dye Studio, hoping to turn these into chair cushions or something equally small and decorative when I have enough of them finished :)


And last, but not least, I’ve finally made a start on one of my long standing list items, a bag made of blocks! I’m using Attic24’s hexagons and leftovers from my crocodile stitch bag to make myself a new project bag. I’ll just make hexis until I run out of yarn and that will decide the size. I need some advice though! These two hexis I’ve made so far shows off all the colours I have (5 in total):

Hexi project bag

I’m torn between just using all the colours in a random manner, or keeping to the same colour or two colours for the last round/border. If keeping to one or two colours for the last round, I would use the darkest blue green and, if two, the blue grey also. (Those are the last and next to last colours on the one to the left.) What do you think, random or more orderly?

I’m hoping you’ve all had a lovely week, we are just finishing spring break here so back to work tomorrow. :)


11 thoughts on “[English] Startitis hits again (YOP #43)

  1. Have to say I prefer the random. Doing that one will use appr. the same amount of yarn for each color and maybe be able to finish without any leftovers at all. :-)
    Such nice colors! And I think it’s difficult to decide how to mount hexagons to get a nice mix if you have two colors…

  2. Ohhh love the yarn, did you spin that on a spindle? Can’t believe it if you did. As to the bag I would go random, you’ve got two gorgeous hexi’s there and if you keep going you’ll have a bag full of interest if you stick with random. Cute little puffs, they’ll make a great cushion.

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