[English] Slow progress (YOP #44)

Things are progressing slowly and steadily over here. I’ve had some finishes since last time and some new projects started as well, everything is as it should be :) Things will continue to be CRAZY at work until the end of this YOP year, so I will just make a evaluation of my list and year by then and keep posting progress and FOs in my weekly updates.

Firstly, I finished a doily! My first made with thread.

Petite pineapple doily

It has been quite some time since I last made a doily but I really enjoyed it. I think they look a little bit neater with thread that other crochet cotton :)

I also made some more hexagons for my bag, I think I will go with random so I can use as much as possible of my scraps. And I had a lovely delivery, spinning wool from World of Wool! I ordered some sample packs of undyed tops of different breeds and I tried to pick those that had several different natural shades, like Bluefaced Leicester, Corriedale and Shetland. I also ordered some Falkland because I’ve heard it should be fun to spin, even though that was only available in white. I might experiment with food colouring and dyeing for these when they’re all turned into yarn!

Here’s the first yarn from that batch, a light grey Corriedale 3-ply (navajo plied).

Grey Corriedale

I’ve also finished the second part of the Malabrigo braid and started a cute little cardigan

Nube solis 2014-05-04_09-31-03

All in all, a pretty good week! Wishing you all one too!


6 thoughts on “[English] Slow progress (YOP #44)

  1. The doily is gorgeous, it’s been ages from I made one and your right the thread really makes it. It looks like your going to have lots more spinning fun in the near future. I’m still enjoying spinning my Corriedale, I’m going to have to get a wheel soon though if the obsession continues.

  2. Your doily is so beautiful! I would say you have really branched out this year as I am thinking spinning is new to you? Have a wonderful week!

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