[English] A very belated update (YOP end)

Hellooooo! Long time no see! I figured it was time to give some love to this forgotten blog :) Unfortunately, just to conclude the Year of Projects and then move on again, blogging isn’t as fun and this list thing didn’t work out for me :) But I dshould wrap it up anyway, because it has been a fun journey getting to know all the other YOP-bloggers and most of you I’ll still follow from the sidelines.

So, my list. I think it mainly didn’t work out because I’m unable to keep focused on just one thing, there is always something more fun I’m dreaming of. When I started my list last June, I hadn’t yet begun to knit, and now I knit more than crochet! So many of my big crochet WIPs are more or less UFOs now, even though I intend to finish them some day. Putting four different blankets on the list, what was I thinking? Oh well. As I said, it has been a lot of fun and I’m full of inspiration for this next year to come. But, I’lll be keeping to Ravelry to share my projects, it’s enough to just have time to make them, the energy just isn’t there to keep up some kind of goals and blog about them :)

This is the result of my first Year of Projects! First, the finished stuff

  • Finish my Dahlia shawl (finished December 8)
  • Learn to knit socks (first pair finished)
  • Give wool yarn some love (finally convinced wool is lovely, mainly helped by spinning and Malabrigo)
  • Buy an expensive and luxurious yarn and find a project for it (Malabrigo sock and Whippoorwill!)
  • Something wearable for wrapping up at work (Honey cowl CO Nov 17, BO Dec 15)
  • A clothing item a little more complicated than a shawl/wrap (In threes cardigan, CO  Jan 1, BO Jan 6)
  • Try out different dishcloths (made A LOT of those, see the #dishcloth tag in my projects)
  • Learn some different sock techniques like toe up, magic loop and other heels/toes (Experimenting with socks from “Socks from the toe up”)

And the things I never got around to finishing, even though quite a few projects are closer to finishing than they were

So, I wish you all a very happy summer (or winter if you are on the other side of the world) and I hope your next YOP year will be fabulous. I’ll keep up with you from my little corner even if I don’t blog :)


8 thoughts on “[English] A very belated update (YOP end)

  1. Oh I’m sorry the YOP didn’t work out for you. I will miss your posts, but if it isn’t making you happy (and making us happy is the point after all) then I totally understand your need to stop. Hope to hear from you now and again. :-)

  2. When you’re just getting Into a new craft I can see how you’d want to start all things. And on top of that, haven’t you had a busy year including moving and an eye emergency?! We’ll miss you but you know where to find us!

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