Spinning WIPs

My spinning WIPs aren’t near as numerous as the knitting and crocheting WIPs, so I thought I’d start with an update on those :) But first, a hightlight of some yarns I’ve finished since I last blogged!

Spinning collage march 15

From upper left and around: BFL from Three Waters Farm (TWF), Merino batt from Nunoco, Superfine Merino from TWF, my OWL spinning with fiber from TWF, Moods of Colors and Greenwood fiberworks, and last a Targhee from TWF.

I joined a fiber club from Three Waters Farm called Top of the Month, which is so much of my spinning is their fiber :) They have lovely colors!

Spinning is like my meditation, I spin mostly for the joy of it and not to have a finished product. Sometimes I want the yarn for something special, but mostly not. At the moment, I have three WIPs going, although one is very close to finished (it’s plied and resting on the bobbin). That is a merino and milk fiber blend from Nunoco, here it is resting

2015-03-08 18.23.54

The second WIP is a TWF braid of Corriedale, the first single is soon finished and then onto chain plying. I don’t have any pic of that, apparently. It’s drafting nicely and I really like Corriedale as a spinning fiber. It will be interesting to see how it is as yarn :)

The last spinning WIP is a superfine merino from TWF

2015-03-04 19.24.33 2015-03-04 19.24.40

It is really soft but does not draft as easily as Corriedale or BFL, so it can hurt my hands if I’m not careful. This is the second skein I spin from this braid and I’m planning to use it for weaving a scarf later :)

I hope sharing my WIPs like this will get me moving on finishing them :D


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