WIP Wednesday

I’m just going to jump in and pretend everything is normal in the blogging world. *cough cough*. I don’t have any delusions in that this will actually be a weekly occurrence though! I’ll just try to write as I feel like it :)

My most active WIPs right now are a nice mix between big projects, small projects and spinning. The most loved (at this time) is a Hitofude, a lace cardigan with a really interesting construction. Without sharing too much of the secret sauce of the pattern, you knit sleeves and back first and then knit the body down. Really cool! I’ve just passed the “make sleeves” part and started to knit down the body. This is a pic from a bit earlier, but the difference isn’t huge. It’s hard to photograph. I’m using Sandnes Alpakka SIlke in a light blue/purple for this one.

Hitofude June 5

Apart from the Hitofude, I’m also knittng a Semele, which is a beautiful shawl pattern with leaf edges. This is meant for my sister for her wedding :) For this, I’m using Drops Alpakka, which is super soft and nice.


Those are the two big WIPs right now and both have a deadline at the end of July. I’m usually not good with deadlines but I really really want to finish the shawl for my sister so that will get prioritized if I lose my mojo.

And my other four WIPs that are semi-active are a pair of socks, a baby hat out of left over yarn and two spinning projects. I’m doing a self-striping pair of vanilla toe up socks, perfect mindless pattern for when the brain doesn’t work. I’m knitting these out of Fab Funky Fibres self striping in the colorway “Knightsbridge”. I’ve used har sock yarn once before and I love it! The base she uses is so so soft, you can hardly believe it’s not cotton based.


The baby hat is a simple cabled hat out of left over Hazel Knits Artisan which I used to make my Curling mitts. It’s not much to show yet, so I’ll leave that for when I’ve knit more. The two spinning projects are both from nunoco fiber, one is a simple spin-and-chain-ply from a lovely merino/silk/bamboo blend and the other will be a fractal ply from one of their color packs. It’s dark now but I hope to get pics soon :) If you want something well blended with a great color sense, nunoco is a great fiber source.

I went to knit night today for the first time in aaaages and now I’m super inspired to start yet another shawl.. I’ll need to do some pattern and yarn stalking :)


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