A new skill – sewing

I’ve acquired a new skill! When we visited my mum and dad, I asked mum to show me how to sew a project bag (with a drawstring, boxed corners and a lining). She did, and I sewed two! I’m so happy with them, I really like them and they were fun to do. It really isn’t that hard to sew when you’re not sewing fitted garments or intricate quilts :) I was kind of afraid of sewing before, requiring straight lines and precision and other scary stuff, but I’m slowly getting over that. I figure, things might not be perfect if I’m not paying attention to every little detail, but they don’t need to be perfect :) No one is going to see those mistakes other than me anyway!

So now I caught the sewing bug! I’m dreaming of sewing ALL THE PROJECT BAGS but I have my usual problem. “I know how to sew these bags now, give me something new!!”. But at the same time this is the design I like best, function wise. We’ll see. Maybe I can improve the design some to make it interesting while still keeping the basic idea :)

Luckily, my dear boyfriend has inherited his mum’s old sewing machine, so now I can sew at home! It’s an antique Husqvarna 2000 which is really cool and I can’t wait to get to know it better.

2015-07-04 18.08.18

I hope for many happy sewing adventures in the future!


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