Favourite podcasts – The Knitmore Girls

I have a new favourite past time, podcasts! I think I discovered them about a year ago but didn’t get really into them until recently. Now my podcast list has around 20 different podcasts and about 5-10 of those I keep up with regularly. One of my most favourite podcasts is The Knitmore Girls.


They are a mother/daughter duo (Gigi and Jasmine) talking about knitting, spinning and sewing, and a little bit about life in general. What I appreciate the most is the honest and direct approach they have, talking about things as they are, good or bad. They are also technique oriented and often discuss and share different methods to achieve better results in your crafting (for example, buttons on knits). I love the geekery of perfecting my techniques and this is definitely the podcast for you if you also like that aspect of crafting.

Apart from being very technique-y they are also quite funny. Both generously share their mistakes and mishaps and their tone towards each other can be “feisty” but always with lots of love. As they are a well established podcast (they’ve been doing this for six years or more) they receive quite a lot of books and products for review, which is always interesting to hear. There are many times I’ve considered buying a book after hearing about it on their podcast :)

Give them a listen, I really can’t recommend them enough!


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