WIPs and plans, Week 51-52

My current most favourite WIPs include just a few things. Quite a few different shawls! The first is my failed OWL from Fall term this year, the Ley Lines shawl. I’ve found some new energy for this one now that several big projects are finished which makes me happy :) I’m into the fourth section out of five, but as this shawl is assymmetric, I’m just past 45% in stitch counts. Getting there :)

2015-12-19 22.32.20

The second is a proper lace shawl out of Tosh Merino Light. Despite my firm belief that I don’t like singles yarn, I love this one. Pfft ;)

2015-12-19 22.26.05

The pattern is called Soli Deo Gloria. It requires concentration in just the right amount for me :) In the pic you can also see one of my newest acquisitions, a needle holder for WIPs. Super smart and keeps your knitting on the needles! It’s from Kitchen Counter Crafter :) I got this one and a bag in the same fabric, love it so much.

2015-11-24 20.35.28

Those are the WIPs that get the most attention right now. Since I went on Christmas Break yesterday, I’ve also got some spinning and weaving done which is lovely. I’m planning/dreaming of future weaving projects with the lovely Finnish wool warp yarn I got for my birthday. I hope to use up more of my handspun this way, maybe even make a “mix-and-match” blanket out of panels of handspun. Or a ruana. Or both :)

Plans also include a crocheted blanket. I want to prove to myself I can do it and not abandon it like I’ve done with most blankets I’ve started. I’ve not yet figured out the magic word or project though that will keep my interest enough. We’ll see :)


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