Summing up the year

2015 has been a great year crafting wise. I’ve done so many fun things and tried new things and challenged myself a lot. Let’s sum it up in pics!

Of course I’ve made shawls. And cowls. I love them so much! Both knitting and wearing. You can see a few WIPs from 2014 finished here, a few pure 2015 projects and a few current WIPs that I hope to finish in 2016 :)

Shawls 2015 2

Shawls are still my biggest category in crafting, but handspun isn’t far off. I’ve spun quite a few skeins this year!

Handspun 2015 2

I’ve expanded my knitting horizons and started knitting sweaters! I made two this year, both a bit unusual. My goal for 2016 is getting into more conventional sweaters, hoping to find methods to make them fit :)

Sweaters 2015

And of course I’ve knit a few socks, hats, mittens and other miscellaneous stuff

Misc 2015

Apart from all the knitting (and maybe a little crochet), I’ve started weaving this year. First on my grandmother’s floor loom, and then card weaving aswell. Here are my first few projects in weaving :)

Weaving 2015

I plan to do a lot more weaving in the future! It’s fun and the results are great. The setup time is what stops me, generally :) And, also, if you set up a warp, you don’t make it 50 cm long. You make 4 m while you’re at it. It takes a while to weave 4 m!

Apart from weaving, I’ve also picked up sewing this year. It’s great fun and I really want to do more of it, but I somehow always get stuck knitting, spinning or weaving and never get to the sewing…. I hope to get there more this year, maybe for summer holidays :) You can never have too many project bags!

Sewing 2015

So that’s my crafting year in pictures. I didn’t catch everything, but most of what I made is in there somewhere. I’m really looking forward to 2016, it feels like it will be a good year in both private life and crafting. I’m not big on resolutions (once I make them, I never follow them) but I hope to make time for sewing and weaving, and expand my skills even more in all my crafts.


3 thoughts on “Summing up the year

  1. Loving this overview! So nice to see all your work of a whole year together; quite some accomplishments there. :D Maybe I should do a year-overview myself… even though it’s mid-February right now, haha. I don’t check WordPress too often anymore, silly me. ^^;

    • It was a lot of fun to put it together. I never knew I did that much in a year o.O Definitely do it, at least for yourself ^^

      I don’t blog as often as I would like. I knit instead, I guess :P

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