Soli Deo Gloria shawl

At the end of last year, I suddenly felt an urge to knit lace, and some more complicated lace. I wanted something I needed to focus on and something delicate. I browsed a lot and asked for advice, but finally settled on the Soli Deo Gloria shawl and Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in a silvery grey color called Moonstone. I cast on around mid-December and now it’s finished!

It started out as a tiny little thing

2015-12-17 20.46.19

Then turned into a grey blob

2016-02-14 10.01.23

And now it’s a finished shawl :D

2016-03-01 16.42.26 2016-03-01 16.38.06

Once it was finished blocking and I had taken pics, I changed my mind and wanted a pointy edge, not rounded. So now it’s blocking again… :)

2016-03-01 18.28.24

I love it! It’s airy without feeling like it’s made of air or spider web, it’s soft and cosy and the lace pattern is really stunning! I definitely need to knit more lace shawls. But maybe a cabled one first :)


3 thoughts on “Soli Deo Gloria shawl

  1. Prettiness! It’s always amazing when lace transforms from a crumpled blob into something stunning. The pattern and yarn really do each other justice here.

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